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the eric update: media matters

i almost forgot to mention that blogging baby decided to post a follow-up to their original post, which is adding to the number of new visitors. i think it must be some sort of record to get two posts from blogging baby in a single month, so a hearty "hallo" is in order for all the new folks coming to the site.

well, some of you predicted this right from start, but we might be seeing eric IV getting a lot more attention in the coming weeks. today, i was contacted by the editor of a print publication with a large circulation base who wants to do a story on us and the blog. i won't name names, since nothing has been signed and i haven't seen any details or specifics - just that they are interested and wanted to know if i was amenable to the idea. i can't think of a good reason to not do it, since so many people seem to be interested in following eric's progress. maybe i should put a little more thought into the book that everyone seems to be clamoring for :-)

one can only imagine the look of horror on the poor copy editor's face after she sees what she has to deal with, if the story involves editing this site's content for a magazine, what with my general disregard for the normal rules of capitalization and punctuation.

and i was contacted by a very nice woman at the march of dimes ( i won't name her by name unless she sends me an email saying it's fine to do so. anyway, in a very lovely and gracious email, she asked for permission to use select images from the site in a campaign or promotion, if the opportunity presented itself. again, it's odd to think that a month ago, i was a mild mannered guy with no kids and now, well, things are quite different. of course, the march of dimes can use any image that they want as long as they let me know ahead of time and attribute it appropriately.

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8/03/2004 11:00:00 PM 8 comments


How cool about the newspaper and the blogging baby site. Looks like this child needs an agent (and his photographer daddy too!) You do need to consider that book in the future, but of course you have plenty of time. (hmmm... I'm thinking of a great idea for a children's book to prepare siblings for a preemie arrival) It would be great to track his progress over the next couple of years and then put together the book. As for people using your photos, it's great when it is for a good cause like March Of Dimes, just don't give them away free to stock photog. companies like ghetty images, because they do make a bundle on royalties and you should see some of that. I woudn't be surprised if some stock photog. companies contact you. There is certainly a shortage of good preemie photos since photographers are typically not allowed to get into an NICU.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:05 AM  

i guess i left it ambiguous by referring to it as a "print publication", but it's actually a magazine and not a newspaper - not that it makes much of a difference.

and no, the march of dimes is one thing, but i won't be giving away the pictures to a stock photo company. i may, however, chance the current copyright license to a less restrictive creative commons license to people can feel free to use them for non-commercial, not-for-profit uses.

your comment about the lack of micropreem pictures being due to photographers not being allowed in the nicu, is very perceptive. the nurse practitioner last night said the same thing; she's also asked if st. mary's could use the images in their publications that attempt to educate micropreem parents about what their child might look like at a given stage of development.

who knew i missed my calling as photographer of micropreems.

By Blogger e3, at 9:43 AM  

e3, I hope the March of Dimes contact was okay. I know some people there that followed us, and they treated us well. I am 99% sure I know who contacted you. They need to know what it is like to have a preemie, and I am sure they will read everyday.

By Blogger Robb, at 10:21 AM  

the march of times representative was more than o.k., as her email was very, very kind. and i'm 99% certain that she knows you since she mentioned that she did :-)

By Blogger e3, at 10:26 AM  

In the past month, I started to wonder what organization is the primary granting agency for micro-premie research. From your descriptions of Eric IV's care, it is obvious that many wonderful techniques are being used to keep micro-premies alive and free from any long-term disabilities. I assume that the March of Dimes - and not the NIH - is the largest non-profit that supports these important studies. I intended to ask you if you knew - or do a med-line search. In the past few weeks, one of the stores in Machias has been collecting money for the March of Dimes with a photo of one of the babies. I donated gratefully and would like to know more about helping this and other organizations that support research that have made it possible for Eric IV - and hundreds of other micro-premies to receive the gift of life. Such an important cause. As for the predictions of widespread interest in your story and a vocation that you never expected - you just never know when trauma and sorrow will lead to the most important discoveries in life. Discoveries that lead to a change in the direction of our lives and to the deep joy and fulfillment of knowing that you have helped others that otherwise would have suffered without your works. Just want you to know that I am very proud of you, Kris and Eric IV. And I know that the unexpected birth of Eric IV on the full moon will lead to bright days ahead for all of you - and for many others. Love, Mom

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:12 AM  

I volunteered with the March of Dimes for about 2 years before Andy was born a preemie. I knew of the mission then, and I live it now. At no point in time have I ever felt what the March of Dimes advocate was anything but essential. We’re talkin’ babies here, for god’s sake. IF e3 is interested, there is a place on the March of Dimes website to set up a fundraising page for the prematurity fund in honor of e4.

Andy’s is here:

BTW, Andy was named top youth walker for Walk America in the state of Minnesota last Sunday. He raised over $2500 for the March of Dimes. Look at the history of what research and programs the March of Dimes has funded. You will see one outcome, success. Andy is living proof, and so is e4.

By Blogger Robb, at 11:25 AM  

thanks for the link robb. someone had emailed me info about virtual bands soon after eric was born, but i had kept procrastinating on creating a band, for no good reason except a lack of time.

i've created a band for eric so that if people would like to make a donation to the march of dimes on eric's behalf they can.

By Blogger e3, at 12:08 PM  

Banding Together is a wonderful program! When we lost Konner, some of our friends over at WebMD started a band for him :)

We never got around to starting one for Kyle though. However, we are working with our Local MOD. They have a Hospital Support Program that just rolled out in IL, and we hope to be able to council parents that are going through this difficult journey.

I can't enough about how happy I am to see you document, and take the upper road through E4 development. You'll have a wonderful record of his amazing life - and you'll feel all the more blessed to know how far he has come :)

Katra & little Kyle

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:36 PM  

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