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the eric update - day 84: more recovery. impending hernia surgery? 12 week birthday!

eric seems to be slowly getting better, due in part to his new meds to control his reflux. he's almost completely stopped having milk coming out of his nose and mouth, although we can still see him pursing his lips and making a motion with his mouth that looks like he's chewing; both actions are signs that he still has fluid coming up, but it's a lot less forceful. thankfully, the number of alarms have also gone down and he's gone from having 10 to 20 apnea alarms a day to just one!

he's still showing signs of being overstimulated in his new environment. we expect him to return to "normal" in a day or two or three, but at the moment he's still showing signs of being stressed. if you look close, you can see that his cheek looks "mottled" which is a subtle sign that he's getting too much sensory stimulation.

so, even though everyone is watching eric closely for signs of an infection, it looks like things are returning to normal and with a little luck, he'll be back to his old self, just in time for his hernia surgery. we've been told that he'll definately be having the surgery this week, but we won't know on which day he'll being having the surgery until the schedule is prepared on the prior day. in a way, i'm glad that we've had the chance to get a quick peek into how he recovers from surgery; while the hernia surgery is generally considered to be routine and relatively painless on the wee ones, it's usually more disruptive than rop surgery, as he'll be getting intubated and during the surgery, doctors will need to make two small incisions, which probably won't feel too good after he wakes up.

with all the excitement, it's almost easy to forget that it's eric's 12 week or third lunar birthday! it's hard to believe how much has happened in the past 28 days and with any luck, we won't have to celebrate too many more of these weekly birthdays in the nicu.

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9/26/2004 11:15:00 PM 2 comments


Hi -

As another data point on Reglan, I'll tell you that Susan has been on it for a couple of months and we haven't seen any side effects. It has helped her reflux quite a bit. Together with Prilosec she's much better than she had been on Zantac alone. I know the side effects are a concern but you have to look at the relatively small percentage of patients who get side effects versus the strong liklihood of problems related to reflux. I wish we had started the reflux meds sooner. I wonder if we might have avoided some of our feeding issues that way. There's no way to tell though, and no use in playing "what if?"

Good luck with the surgery. I know for me watching Susan get wheeled in surgery was the worst moment in my life. Like watching my heart pulled from my body. She was fine though, and it was a necessary step for us to be able to have her now. I'll be thinking of you all today.

Molly in New Orleans

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:54 PM  

Happy 12 week birthday, grandson! I'm very jealous that I didn't get to hold you yet. But, for now, I will send you much, much, love and warm healing thoughts and colors. I'm very proud of all your progress. Tune out all the extra noises. Instead, imagine hearing Mom and Pop's voices and stories about Pooh. Your great uncles David and Jim both had hernia surgery and they felt a lot better afterwards. I know you will too - because you are on the road home very soon. Much love coming your way. Love, Gwanmanman Sherry, Kirk and Nana Rier

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:14 PM  

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