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the eric update - day 114: everybody poops. sometimes.

well the big news today was that odin pooped!

you see after a long streak ( ha! no pun intended ) of being quite regular, he handn't pooped for almost 5 whole days; a few people told us not to get too concerned, but we broke down this morning and called our peditrician who confirmed that it was nothing to be worried about as long as he didn't appear to be in pain.

apparently wee ones can be quite efficient at utilizing milk, especially if they're gearing up for a growth spurt and can even go as long as a week without pooping. in the nicu, they were very aware of how much and how often he pooped and any slowdown was carefully monitored. if he went longer than 24 hours then they'd give him a suppository to keep everything moving along. but i guess we're not in the nicu anymore and now he gets to poop whenever he wants.

while i'm talking about poop, i suppose it's appropriate to put my two cents in on The Great Diaper Debate. i think i agree that no matter what anyone will tell you, nobody knows whether cloth or disposable diapers are better for the environment. so we decided to go with the convenience of a disposable diaper with an eye towards at least trying to be somewhat environmentally friendly and sensitive to what kinds of materials we were putting against odin's skin.

so after much consideration we opted to use tushies diapers which are free of artificial chemical absorbants found in many "natural" diapers and made from blend cotton and wood pulp fluff. so far, we're very happy with them. they cost about the same as traditional disposables and seem to control leaks much better than your average eco-friendly brands.

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10/26/2004 11:20:00 PM 4 comments


Ah, the scoop on poop :). Glad to hear that everything is alright!

Diapers....such a tough call! Do you fill the landfill or waste the water? It all depends on how and what you do...

For example, we cloth diapered part time. I soaked my diapers in a wet pail first w/ vinegar and tee trea oil, so they went into the wash essentially clean. I washed them in HOT water, along with my towels and gave them a small presoak (as I do with my towels anyway) so I really wasn't using extra water this way. I also line dried 'em.

Whatever you choose to do, bum wise, it's refreshing to see that you're putting some thought into your descision instead of just going with the flow!

We used tushies too. They're not half bad! :)

By Blogger pumpkinhead, at 2:57 PM  

Max did a couple bouts of holding on till 5 days. Now its usually every two or three. As they get a little older, you have to make sure they're not holding it in because of past discomfort.

So are tushies tape or velcro? We seem to be unable to work with the tape and have to stick with brands that use velcro.

Oh, and I think it should be day 114 not 1114 (unless I've fallen asleep for a couple of years).

By Blogger Derek, at 5:08 PM  

So are tushies tape or velcro? We seem to be unable to work with the tape and have to stick with brands that use velcro. |

they're tape and if i have one gripe it's that the stickiness of the tape seems to be pretty variable from diaper to diaper. it's never not sticky enough, but sometimes it's soooooo sticky that it's hard to get the diaper off without ripping it apart.

By Blogger e3, at 5:53 PM  

Oh, and I think it should be day 114 not 1114 (unless I've fallen asleep for a couple of years). |

thanks for the correction! we're not quite there yet :-)

By Blogger e3, at 5:55 PM  

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