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the eric update - day 162: an introduction to christmas consumerism! a narrowly averted disaster.

it's been awhile since we've ventured out to a local big box store with odin and today we decided to go on a little field trip to our local target to do a little christmas shopping.

you might remember that small enclosed places with children, snot, and people that like to run up and touch the cute babies are bad because they put odin at increased risk for catching a cold. and since his lungs are still underdeveloped , a bout with the cold or flu could send him quickly back to the hospital with pneumonia. or worse.

but we try not to let our fears get the best of us and brief outings to big open areas are relatively safe as long as we keep lots of antiseptic lotion close at hand. i often wonder what people must think when we go out in public and all they see is a couple who obsessively cleans their hands after touching anything while the dad is snapping pictures of seemingly mundane objects of no importance.

the pictures do absolutely no justice to the craziness of the entire ordeal. there were the normal legions of uptight, pushy holiday shoppers and these days i've developed an alarm bell of sorts that starts to go off when people start to invade too far into our personal space; i have fun daydreaming about tackling the personal space invaders and blaming it on needing to keep odin safe and sound.

moments after taking the picture of odin in the shopping cart he decided that it was a fine time to to unload the motherlode in his pants. so, after dealing with the vagaries of the untidy and uncleanly bathroom it was then, of course, time to eat. it was with no small degree of self restraint that i refrained from taking the picture of kris attempting to nonchalantly nurse odin while discretly walking amongst the fake christmas trees that were marked down 50%.

after we got back from the shopping extravaganza, kris was getting ready to put odin in his swing when she watched in horror as the "storm window" fell out and smashed right onto poor mauja's head. although knocks to the head are about the last thing he needs right now, other than being very, very startled he's relatively fine. his thick fur saved him from getting any cuts or abrasions, which is lucky for him since his head smashed right through the window.

even scarier - the cradle swing is typically positioned precisely where he was laying. it's probably best not to think about what would have happened had kris put odin in the swing 5 minutes earlier than she planned and the swing had been sitting in it's normal position - directly under the fallen window. even spookier, we moved the cradle swing yesterday to give mauja a little more room to lay next to odin while he was in the swing.

and the big unanswered question is how did the "storm window" fall out of the sash? we live in an old victorian home and it's tough to tell but the "real" windows are antique custom jobs that only barely keep the wind and rain and snow at bay. so in the winter we have to wedge these super heavy second windows in the sash to help keep the heat inside and the cold outside. they're big and heavy and have to be banged into place. it's almost impossible to imagine one of them simply falling out. but obviously one did.


you can bet i'll soon be securing them by whatever means necessary.

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12/13/2004 10:32:00 PM 6 comments


Very scary window story! Methinks the sharp temperature drop made the storm window and main window frames shrink making the storm smaller and the window opening larger. Screws and brackets may be ugly, but safest alternative. Wedge shims might help, but not as secure. - Dad

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:09 PM  

Very scary window story! Methinks the sharp temperature drop made the storm window and main window frames shrink making the storm smaller and the window opening larger. |

well that's an understatement :-) thankfully mauja was the fall guy, as it were. i think you're theory is the most probably the culprit, but it's strange that none of the other windows succombed to the effects of the temperature difference. all the other storm windows are so snug that i'm not sure how i'm going to remove them in the spring. and the storms are heavy! how do you explain a heavy storm window simply falling out of the sash? i'm sure some smary pants could calculate the horizontal component of the force necessary to dislodge a 15 pound storm window even if there was very little friction.

By Blogger e3, at 11:44 PM  

That was a close call! I think Odin was safe because he has so many folks out here rooting for him. I'm glad noone was hurt (including the pooch - what a guardian angel). I've been following Odin's progress each day - I have a 2 month baby girl (full term born 10/6). It is so great to see him growing! Keep up the good work nurturing your little guy!

By Blogger Gab, at 1:21 AM  

There is always the alternative "ghost" theory... perhaps Mauja was the "intended" target? - Dad :-)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:17 AM  

Holy crap! (well, I used stronger language than that, but I'm refraining) I had no idea that windows could just fall out of the frame like that!! I am wondering if Mauja knew that it was ready to fall the other day when you posted the pics of him sitting at the foot of the swing, and was hoping to catch it before it struck the baby. That was a close call. Glad Mauja is okay and took the fall.

By Blogger Candy, at 8:26 AM  

Wow - I saw the pictures last night before you posted the story and it freaked me out a bit. I'm so very glad to know Odin is okay, but sorry that poor Mauja got hit on the head. :-(

By Blogger KelliAmanda, at 10:48 AM  

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