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the eric update - day 191: ack! on almost missing a whole day with odin.

i currently find myself in the enviable position of being a SAHD ( that's parent lingo for Stay At Home Dad ), which means - of course - that i get to spend each and every day with odin.

but today, i spent the day in the fine city of chicago, which is about a 3 hour ( each way ) drive from grand rapids, michigan. the end result being that i spend most of the day away from odin, which hasn't happened too often since he was born.

i woke up and he was sleeping and i came home and he was sleeping. and in between, according to kris, he did lots of fun, engaging, interactive, cutesy stuff.

that i missed. because i was gone.

sooner, rather than later ( i hope, i guess ), i'll trade in my position as a SAHD and return to the regular working world ( in case you haven't figured it out, i'm "underemployed" ). but as nice as it'll be to become a respectible, contributing member of society, it makes me wonder how different things will be when missing all those special moments becomes "normal".


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1/11/2005 11:37:00 PM 2 comments


I was lucky enough to be a SAHM (more or less) for the first 2 years of my son's life. I did take some contract work when he was just 9 mos old tho, so I can empathize to a degree. It was pretty hard to go back to work full time. I'd come home and my kid would be wearing clothes that *I* hadn't put him in. He'd be doing things that *I* hadn't taught him. Too weird! I do appreciate the time we have together much's a trade off. Hopefully SAHD will have a little more time at home with Odin before he becomes super WOHD (work outside the home Dad :)).

By Blogger pumpkinhead, at 8:49 AM  

Hopefully SAHD will have a little more time at home with Odin before he becomes super WOHD (work outside the home Dad :)) |

i'll probably do the same you did and transition into WAHD with a little contract work here and there but inevitably it'll be time to try and remember where i buried all my ties. surely they must be around here somewhere. in my previous job, i'd work with people who had kids and who would need to take frequent long business trips overseas. i didn't really think too much of it at the time, but now i really can't imagine how they endured. i think i might suffer anxiety attacks :-)

By Blogger e3, at 10:39 PM  

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