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the eric update - day 195: happy, happy funtime with the malamute!

while the composition on this photo leaves a little to be desired, i love it because it perfectly captures mauja's personality.

odin is having a grand old raising his hands and just generally playing around, unaware that mauja is on high alert wondering if perhaps he might need to give me a stern "tallking to" for not paying close enough attention to my son.

you can see that he's watching me very, very closely. i think mauja really thinks he could do a much better job of caring for odin and will simply never fully understand why we don't let him give odin a good cleaning every morning.

as best as we can tell, mauja hasn't had anymore seizures so we're hopeful that he and odin will have many more moments of happy, happy funtime.

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1/15/2005 11:33:00 PM 2 comments


Hi guys, Heather in Nova Scotia here. I LOVE this picture. When my kids (now 19 and 23) were odin's age they had a Bouvier des Flandres to keep an eye on thier parents too! First it was Yeti...and she was exceedingly concientious of her job. Incredibly the kids could do anything to her. Pull her curly masses of hair in the most tender areas..and she would just sort of wince and try and gently move a bit away from them. Whenever we were out she always stood between the kids and "strangers". She didn't always accept our judgement on who should be allowed near her charges.

Yeti passed on when the kids were 3 and 7. That was a tough life lesson for my kids (total understatement). Then Sherpa entered the picture. Another Bouv. Sherpa grew up as a wonderful playmate with the kids. When she finally matured she was still very playful with them but if anybody was getting a bit out of hand she would herd them up and make them do a time out..Bouv Style. She would gently topple them and sit on them..then breath 100 plus pound dog breath directly in their faces. She also always stood between strangers and the kids..and also didn't always trust our judgement of people with her kids.

We lost Sherp just this time last January. My kids were totally heartbroken. My then 18 year old son walked around the house weeping openly. My daughter confined herself to her bedroom with pictures of Sherp and sherpa's dog collar.

Since then we have kept Yeti and Sherpa with us by recounting wonderful memories of our time with them.

We now have an 80lb seven and a half month old Leonberger pup - Nellie. The kids rollick and play with her just like when they were youngsters. Nell adores her playmates. She is just at the age where she wants to be with them ALL the time and is very dejected if they go out the door without her...and incredibly enthusiastic when they return. She hasn't reached an age where she will stand guard against strangers yet..but I am sure it is coming.

I guess...I just can't imagine raising children without a dog. So many times the dogs have been my extra set of eyes...they have brought so much comfort to my kids in times of stress...anything from when their grandad died to rejection of peers during adolesence and when Mom just didn't know what they were talking about...Sherpa ALWAYS understood.

Mauja has that very "knowing" and "loving" look on his face..more his eyes. Odin is very fortunate to have such a fantastic spirit looking out for him.

I am so glad there has been no more signs of seizures!

I hope Chris is feeling well again!!


HeatherM..and Nell..who is at my elbow looking for a good rumble in the snow!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:15 PM  

hi heather - thanks for the great story! as someone who grew up with a dog, i can certainly attest to benefits of having a family dog ( and the aweful, but necessary lessons that must be learned when the inevitable happens ).

every family should have a dog! now cats, on the other hand..... :-)

By Blogger e3, at 10:46 PM  

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