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the eric update - day 198: reading odin odin's adventures!

whooohoo! we got a surprise from grandma rier in the mail today. we love surprises that come in the mail, especially perfectly perfect surprises for odin.

grandma sent odin two books on norse mythology and one of them, "Odin's Family: Myths of the Vikings" is filled with fantastic, colorful illustrations that i imagine will keep captivating odin throughout the years.

longtime readers may remember that i was a bit skeptical of nicknaming odin after a norse god, but i must admit the name has grown on me and he's certainly turned out to be every bit the fighter that the name implies ( and is it just me or does he look like he's raising a "fist of fury" in this picture? ). and now, i can't imagine calling him anything else and it sounds strange whenever kris calls him "eric".

i don't know if grandma rier noticed it when she purchased the book, but we noticed how the artist's rendition of a young odin could have a passing resemblance to our own little odin.

hopefully she's not going to try to fuel my fears that when odin gets a little older we'll find ourselves listening to him plead his case with, "look. i'm odin! if you don't let me go over to sarah's house and watch reruns of "the dukes of hazzard", i'm going to have to go get thor. and you know what that means. whoopass." :-)

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1/18/2005 11:07:00 PM 4 comments


Odin does fit him so perfectly, but I may change my mind later since he's starting to really look like you, Eric! What is the nickname etiquette anyway? As a parent, do you allow people to call your child what they want, or do you insist people call him by his nickname? (I've known parents to do either, some insist, and some say "we don't care, she answers to Eleanor or "Elle", so whatever.) I noticed on Ethan's kindergarten forms (boohoo!), there was an actual space to write a nickname, so it goes in the public school records. I never thought about that before, but I suppose eventually, a nickname just sticks with a child.

Oh, and cousin "Loki" says hi! (that's a nickname that didn't really stick, although Adam slill lives up to it!)

By Blogger Candy, at 12:48 PM  

What is the nickname etiquette anyway? |

i'm not sure what the etiquette is these days. he only very rarely here's someone call him "eric", so i think he'll naturally pick up on "odin". but certainly, we don't care what people call him and i don't think he cares either as long as they don't call him late for dinner. ahem.

By Blogger e3, at 10:46 PM  

So glad to see that you received the books. Even if I am a bit late in posting my comment. The computer is not my friend lately - with the onset of subzero temperatures my back and bones force me at times to stand and click! Well, so it goes for grandmothers! I tried to read both books before they were sent but I didn't finish them. But, I read enough to know that the books contain neat stories and very colorful pictures that Odin will enjoy for a long time. Of course, I don't want him to fully take on the identity of Odin - and decide to sacrifice one of his eyes for wisdom - (not necessary, as he is wise already - can't you see it in his eyes?). But it is Odin's strength and perseverence that he has draw from in the past and will continue to do so in the future - to do great (and unexpected) accomplishments. I thought that it would be nice to read the legends of the great Odin to him - so he will have great expectations of himself. Not to mention the wonderful pics throughout the story.

I agree with Candy. It's hard to say what we will call him in the future. He looks like a blond version of you and your Dad! (Most particularly when he is pouting his lower lip...). But, what could be better than to have 2 great names? Everyone here sends their love, Nana Rier, Gwanmanman Sherry and Kirk. Auntie Liz and cousin Hayley too.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:42 PM  

thanks for sending the books! it's fun to think about him reading them with a flashlight under his sheets when he's supposed to be sleeping.

you need a digital camera and a better internet connection so i can see more timely photos of hayley :-)

By Blogger e3, at 9:11 PM  

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