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the eric update - day 312: yogurt! yum!

since our early study of solids, odin has been slowly, if a bit begrudgingly, trying out new foods. and while he may humor us by accepting a spoonful or two of carrots or oatmeal, other than bananas we haven't been very successful in stumbling upon a foodstuff that he enjoys without a nontrivial amount of cajoling.

that is, until we tried yogurt.

much to our surprise, after a spoonful of the good stuff, he clamors for more and can't get enough of it!

different than the recommendation for the introduction cow's milk which isn't encouranged before 12 months, the american academy of pediatrics suggests that you can try yogurt as early as eight months ( well, actually, various sites claim that the aap doesn't actually recommend yogurt until 9-12 months - maybe someone more knowledgeable than i will clear up the discrepancy ), so we thought we'd be in the clear considering he's ten months actual, but just shy of that recommendation in age adjusted terms.

you'll notice that we happened to only have stonyfield lowfat, organic yogurt on hand which isn't a perfect option since fat is important for developing baby brains. but we think he'll be just fine for now since he's only getting a small amount.

stonyfield also has a special line formulated for infants and toddlers which we'll probably try that unless someone has a better suggestion.

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5/12/2005 07:51:00 PM 10 comments


My daughter (1 year old) loves her yogurt! We give her the full fat Brown Cow brand. We also sometimes sprinkle in a little nutritional yeast for extra protein.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:04 PM  

another lover of yogurt! thanks for the suggestion. there's a health food store near us that sells brown cow, but unfortunately their selection is limited to plain and maple flavors, but we'll probably give them a try just to mix things up a little.

By Blogger e3, at 9:51 PM  

Definitely try the stonyfield products. My husband used to work for them and their products (and mission) are great. I think they even make yogurt for babies with cereal in it now. I'm glad you found something he likes!

By Blogger Gab, at 12:25 AM  

Stonyfield also makes YoBaby yogurt which is made with whole's like feeding cream to the babies!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:27 AM  

We're all big yogurt lovers here, too. But I found the Yo Baby (Stoneyfield's line for infants) super sweet - my son was happy with their whole milk plain yogurt until he hit about 15 months. We now mix a bit of the Yo Baby with the plain - because no one needs all that sugar in one super dose (especially if you're hoping for a nap right after eating).

Odin just gets cuter and cuter. I'm dying to hear what's happening with the article?!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:11 AM  

Plain is okay -- he hasn't tasted lots of flavors yet so it's not so plain to him! Plus, if one of the beloved bananas gets over-ripe, mush it up and mix it in.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:48 AM  

Ditto Anonymous > buy plain and mush up fruit into it.

I made the mistake of starting my son out with Danimals... that stuff is like a little bit of yogurt with your sugar. Plus some dye to top it off! Yikes. Totally my bad. Now he won't touch plain yogurt with a 10ft pole. :/

By Blogger amy, at 10:02 AM  

We started yogurt with our son at 9 mos and he loved it. Gross, plain ole plain yogurt. I'm not sure if it's available in the states, but Liberte makes yummy full fat organic yogurt. It's like 8% MF and is the consistancy of pudding. They make a lemon flavour. Yuuum! We used to get the plain for the nugget, half it with the low fat stuff and mix in pureed plums, apple or pears. We'd also add extra freeze dried probiotics for good measure.

An excellent choice, Monsieur, manifique :-)

By Blogger pumpkinhead, at 11:19 AM  

thanks for all the great comments - i had no idea the world was full of so many yogurt eating ankle biters!

By Blogger e3, at 9:02 AM  

We started giving my daughter YoBaby at 3.5 months. I know, totally against recommendation! LOL I make a smoothie for her and put it in a bottle. She gets one daily. To flavor either plain whole fat yogurt or to make a smoothie, I use one small or medium jar of baby food (like applesauce, peach, pear, banana) with the yogurt and shake well. I may add a little bit of water. I had to cut the opening on a #2 nipple just a bit so she can suck it thru. ANyway, she is a happy, healthy kid in the 45% for height and weight. We are still b/f as well. Doctors worry dairy supp before one year can lead to anemia... for those concerned, you can use YoBaby's flavor that has iron-fortified cereal in it.

By Blogger TLC, at 2:56 AM  

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