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the eric update - day 314: the awesome power of the fishes!

did you know that the sumerians were the first to keep fish as pets over 4,500 years ago? and fish owning students have higher grade point averages and math and verbal sat scores than their non-fish tending counterparts? and that tending and caring for fish is known to lower your blood pressure. well, at least according to a site supported in part by the florida tropical fish farms association, aquatic industry companies and the florida department of agriculture & consumer services. so it must be true!

but even if one were to doubt the ultimate veracity of the claims, there's no denying that little odin is quite fond of fishes. and if we're ever are on a field trip that brings us close to an aquarium, as was the case during an adventure to a local big box superstore, we can't not stop and say, "hallo! fishes!"

he's polite and doesn't bang on the tank as he's quite content to simply place his hands on the glass as he calmly watches the fish dart here and there.

of course, his fascination with fishes is in no small part due to the fact that he helps care for a pair of pet goldfish and not a day goes by where he doesn't spend a little time in the morning and evening with them.

we have a hankering to get another aquarium to put in his room so he can listen to the soothing sounds of the water bubbling and gurgling while watching the fishes as he winds down for naptime or bedtime or any ol' relaxing time.

so if you're fond of fishes, we'd love to hear your comments as we do our homework to find odin a few new aquatic friends.

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5/14/2005 08:58:00 PM 4 comments


Fish = Entertainment for HOURS, LOL.

We have a big fish tank with angel fish, and some other stuff (I have no clue) - we added some spongebob stuff just for the baby... He LOVES it. We keep it in the office, which is quickly turning into a playroom - and everyday, it's the first thing he looks at.

We read that fish provide a calming affect in children, as well. It has certainly benefited us - if nothing more as entertainment away from Baby Einstein when we need to do a little house work ;)

By Blogger Katra, at 11:36 AM  

Dennis and I are Aquarium Junkies. We visit aquariums wherever we are in the world.
In the midst of hectic travel an aquarium is a world of calm and relaxation!

Dennis had a huge salt water tank for years but life changes and it became impractical after a tragic tank accident.

My kids had tanks in their rooms when they were kids. It was wonderful for them and very soothing.

We are off to Florida in two weeks and have listed tons of aquariums to see. We aren't going to have time to go to the keys diving.

One of the most interesting types of tanks we have seen is the Scripps Kelp tank in California at the Scripps institute of Oceanography.

Yes, we will go to Sea World..actually staying across the road from there. There is a kelp tank I am searching out for florida too.

I think it would be wonderful for you and Odin to have an aquarium when lifestyle permits. I am sure the goldfish are quite endearing.

My mom has a koi pond in her backyard. I love having tea and watching the koi swim about...yes yes yes very relaxing.

Fish are calming for everybody!


Heather in Halifax btw..when are you coming to this area?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:45 PM  

hubby gave me a 50 gallon for christmas, and i shortly there after bought another 10 gallon! I keep non-aggressive tropical fish. no cichlids. i love it, it is soothing, and easy. they have names, and personalities too! i highly recommend it!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:19 PM  

heather: "I think it would be wonderful for you and Odin to have an aquarium when lifestyle permits. I am sure the goldfish are quite endearing."

the goldfish are actually in a 30 gallon aquarium. we discovered the hard way, contrary to popular belief, that goldfish don't do so well in small goldfish bowls. i had no idea that you really should have at least 15 gallons of water for each fish! apparently, the humble goldfish need their space. we are looking to upgrade to larger aquarium when space permits, but haven't decided yet what species to populate it with.

have fun on all your aquarium adventures! it sounds like a lot of fun.

"...when are you coming to this area?"

we're hoping to be in your general vicinity ( relatively speaking ) sometime in june - stay tuned!

By Blogger e3, at 8:43 PM  

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