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the eric update - day 356: the anomalous day when it was not cooler at the ocean.

at 96 degrees F ( 36 C ) today was much, much hotter than normal in maine, so we hatched a clever plan to make a relatively short trip to the historic town of eastport which, as the name implies, is the easternmost seaport in the united states. typically, even though machias is within 10 miles of the ocean you can be guaranteed of ambient temperatures 10 degrees or so cooler thanks cool ocean air, so we had visions of enjoying a comfortable day watching the boats come and go after reaching our intended destination.

but alas, when we arrived, much to our suprise, we found it to be exactly the same temperature! if you're not from the area you might not appreciate just how freakishly odd it is to find the temperature in excess on 90 degrees F in this part of maine. it's almost unusual enough to warrant suspicion that it might be one of the overlooked signs of the apocalypse.

but we had already driven about an hour and tried to make the best of the situation by finding a shady spot in town near the water next to the tugboats that didn't seem in a hurry to tug anything anywhere.

as always, odin was a superchamp, ignoring the heat and happy to proudly show his pops how well he can hold himself up on his stroller while standing on a bench.

mauja however, was much less patient with the situation and we eventually decided that probably nobody would steal an idling car with the air conditioning turned on when they noticed the 120 pound irritated canine in the backseat whose owners had abandoned it in the car while, presumably, heading off for far more interesting adventures.

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6/25/2005 11:29:00 PM 1 comments


We had the same "freakish" weather over here in Nova Scotia the last few days. Broiling weather! It was interesting. The city was actually quite dead. People weren't out or if they were they had headed to the shore like you.

Saturday we took one of the boats out and zoomed around creating a breeze. Nells had an early early morning walk before the sun got too hot and spent the rest of the day at home in the shade surrounded by bowls of ice cubes.

In the evening we took Nells and ourselves down to the boathouse. Found the shade. Barbecued. We had filled a wading pool for the dogs and set up a mister hose. The dogs LOVED the mister hose ....and so did the humans! *G*

We stayed there as long as possible then headed for bed where it was hot and sticky.

Yesterday we decided was the day to test out my brother's new inground pool. We did that in the morning then took a drive down the eastern shore to a great outdoor restaurant for some fish and chips. We arrived home and found our bedroom at 32C. Grabbed Nells again and spent the evening at the boathouse where by 6pm it was a lovely 24C.

Last night was great sleeping weather so we all caught up on our sleep. We are heading to Lunenburg for a sail on the infamous "Bluenose II" today. So we will be even closer to you!

Nells is staying home..the house is cool..her dog walker is going to spend time with her. The "BII" won't allow dogs on board..humph! *G*..Nells thinks I should explain she really is a sea dog. (A sea dog who is still young and afraid of ships!)

When my son was young one of his favourite pastimes was going to visit the tugs in the harbour. I love that picture of Odin with the tugs!!! Now you must read him "Paddle to the Sea".

Glad to see you are really enjoying your trip. I can imagine there was no way Mauja was going to let anyone in that car to disrupt his air conditioning! Smart move on your part! The anomale of the weather should be over ..or the worst of it over..til mid August.

Anyway..looks like you guys are really making the most of your time in Maine. Enjoying your adventures vicariously immensly!


Heather in Halifax

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