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the eric update - day 377: saving a shopping trip for a rainy day.

what do we do on a rainy day? we go grocery shopping!

odin is such a trooper during our shopping adventures, which is fortuitious because we're notoriously bad about just running in, getting what we need and getting out quick.

no, with us there's endless rumination and examination expecially in the produce section.

odin doesn't mind it one bit, even though a fairly routine shopping trip can take us over an hour. he absorbs everything, taking in all the lights and sounds and smells as he studiously studies patrons who studiously study me, likely wondering why i'm taking photos of something they probably presume to be so mundane.

if only we could all recall so easily when the minutia of daily life was so fascinating and alive with newness. or maybe i've just been reading a recent david foster wallace commencement speech a little too closely.

when was the last time you found a can of coffee an object of endless amusement, capable of keeping you preoccupied for nearly forty minutes?

and yes, you coffee snob - we have recently begun revisiting the merits of canned coffee, fed up with the obnoxious prices that seem to defy basic economic principles. or maybe they're obeying basic economic principles perfectly :-)

in any case, we've been experimenting with affordable imported canned coffee and have been revisting an old favorite, medaglia d'oro, which is a probably considered a pedestrian choice amongst italian expresso connoisseurs but is still better than most of what you'll find for twice the price in the "coffee aisle".

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7/16/2005 10:59:00 PM 2 comments


Do you have CostCo where you live? Or perhaps a Sam's Club? Your sort of typical membership based bulk warehouse store. At our local one we just found a four pound package of Generic looking coffee beans that upon closer inspection turned out to be roasted by Starbucks! For 10 dollars! Very high quality, for hardly anything.

By Blogger Sara, at 3:39 PM  

lisa: " Do your local stores stock Cafe Bustelo or Cafe Yaucono?...They're inexpensive, sturdy, and strong."

i noticed there was cafe bustelo at the store where i bought the medaglia d'oro ( in a brick and in a can ), so it looks like i have more options since you've described my perfect cup of coffee.

Do you have CostCo where you live?

why yes we do have a costco in grand rapids. and we have a membership! looks like i'll have to take a closer look at the coffee aisle. thanks for the tip!

By Blogger e3, at 10:52 AM  

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